The Objective of Studying Tawheed and Aqeedah | Shaykh Muhammad Aman ibn ʿAli Jami


The Objective of Studying Tawheed and Aqeedah.
By Shaykh Muḥammad Amān ibn ʿAlī Jāmī:

What is the objective of studying Aqīdah ? And what is the objective of studying Tawḥīd ?

The objective is that the worshiper becomes knowledgeable about his Lord, his Creator, The Patron of the blessings he receives.
By way of what does a worshiper come to know about his Lord? Is it that he sees Him?

Allāh – The Most High, void of all defects – is not visible in this world, in this abode, He is not visible. Meaning: seeing Allāh is not impossible, however it is not going to happen. It has never happened, and will never happen due to the inability of humans to withstand a manifestation of The Lord ﷻ in this abode. This is what Allāh ordained.

For that reason, when Mūsā requested to see his Lord, Allāh put his request on hold so that Mūsā could witness what happens to the mountain. If the mountain can remain stationary in its place and not collapse into dust, then Mūsā will be able to see Allāh. But if the mountain cannot withstand the manifestation, then Mūsā will most definitely be unable to withstand it. Inevitably the mountain was unable to withstand the manifestation of Allāh. [Q 7:143]

At this point, it became clear to Mūsā that although seeing Allāh is possible and also permitted intellectually and religiously, it is not going to happen in this world due to an impediment – That impediment being the weakness of human capacity in this abode; and that being the case, Mūsā submitted to this fact.

In the night of the miraculous journey and ascension, when the Prophet ﷺ descended and returned from that long journey – a long but short journey. Long in terms of the distance, short in terms of the Prophet’s return because he ﷺ returned to Makkah in the same night.