Ahl Sunnah Are Not In Need of Help or Money From Ahl Bida’ by Abu Khadeejah AbdulWahhid

July 14, 2020 579 Views

17.02.2015 – In an extremely powerful exhortation during Mpubs’ Anti-Carnival Seminar 2015 entitled “I Have Left You Upon Clear Proof Its Night Is Like Its Day,” our teacher and elder Abu Khadeejah AbdulWahhid (may Allah preserve him) admonished the brothers and sisters in Trinidad about taking help from the people of innovation, more especially their money which usually has conditions attached to it. Our elder, Abu Khadeejah, drew references to AbdurRahmaan AbdulKhaliq and his hizbi organization from Kuwait, Ihyaa wa Turaath, and how they attempted to corrupt many of the salafi brothers with their wealth.

Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VZQRTS4CuE

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