Nasir al-‘Umar is from the leaders of the Sitting Khawarij – Shaykh Ubayd bin Abdullah Al-Jabiri

January 13, 2023 14 Views

Nāsir al-‘Umar is from the Leaders of the Sitting Khawarij” Shaykh ‘Ubayd bin Abdullāh al-Jābirī Q: There is a revolutionary book under the title “At-tarbiya Al-jihadiyah” (the jihadist upbringing) and the country (Saudi Arabia), may Allāh grant it success, has banned it due to its severity. And Nāsir al-‘Umar has provided a recommendation for this book, and requests returning to the book. With knowledge that this book contains direction for the Khawarij to unify their ranks, so as to confront the ruling bodies. What are your comments? A: In short, Nāsir al-‘Umar is from them (the Khawarij) if this is correct. And he is known to be from those [who are concerned with] the “fiqh of present times”. A’ed al-Qarnī praised him and said, “No one has singled out the ‘fiqh of present times’ as Shaykh Nāsir al-‘Umar has.” And he likens him to Ash-Shafi’ī! Ash-Shafi’ī was the first to single out Usûl Al-Fiqh and Nasser Al-Umar is the first to single out the “fiqh of present times”. And all praise is due to Allāh; the people of knowledge have criticized him (Nāsir al-‘Umar) and exposed his flaws. And in summary, his speech is that the scholars of Sunnah don’t understand these present times that the people live in. And being that he praises this aforementioned book, this is not something surprising coming from him, because the whims of the author of the book coincided with his whims. He is from the leaders of this overwhelming modern-day ‘intellectual revolution’. And he (Nāsir al-‘Umar) is from the leaders of the ‘sitting khawarij’.

Translated by Nader bin Muhammad

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