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Over here in the UK we are allowed to do da’wah, meaning that we set up a table outside the station and invite the non-Muslims by giving out leaflets. We explain Islām to them and we explain to them how Islām has nothing to do with the acts carried out by Dā`ish. Sometimes, this leads us into debates with the Christians. Therefore, what books other than al-Jawāb uṣ-Saḥīḥ Liman Baddala Dīn al-Masīḥ by Ibn Taymiyyah (The Proper Response to the One Who Altered the Religion of the Messiah) do you advise us to read in order to be able to rebut the Christians?
Shaykh Muḥammad Bāzmūl
It is the most comprehensive book – Ibn Taymiyyah’s book, and an abridged version of it also exists. There is also a book called Hidāyat ul-Ḥayārā fī Ajwibat il-Yahūdi wan-Naṣārā (Guidance for the Bewildered: a Response to the Jews and Christians) by Ibn Qayyim il-Jawziyyah. Al-Qarāfi has a book rebutting the Christians, and Al-Juwayni also has a small book rebutting the Christians.
There are also other books that escape me at the moment that are rebuttals of the Christians; however, Hidāyat ul-Ḥayārā, al-Jawāb uṣ-Ṣaḥiḥ, and the abridged version of al-Jawāb uṣ-Ṣaḥiḥ are – in shā Allāh – books that will be of great advantage to you in debating these Christians. And one of the best books that serve as a rebuttal of the Christians is the Qur’ān.
So when you read the verses regarding the Christians, their interpretations and what the scholars of exegesis have to say about them, you will have a stronger argument to use in rebutting their false arguments and exposing what they conceal, and showing that the Qur’ān that you have is the truth and what they say is false. So when they assert some false idea taken from their gospels, you present the truth from our Qur’ān, and by Allāh’s permission, victory and the winning argument against them will be yours.
May Allāh bless you. We love you for Allāh’s sake and may Allāh reward you well.
Shaykh Muḥammad Bāzmūl
May Allāh preserve your lives; may Allāh for whom you love us love you, and may Allāh reward you well. I ask Allāh to reward you well for arranging this meeting and I especially thank those in charge of Masjid Dār us Sunnah in London. Also, the brother here with me from Makkah who transcribed, may Allāh reward him well.
I also ask Allāh not to deny us His acceptance and abundant reward, to place it on our scales of good deeds, to avert from us all evil, to teach us true guidance, virtue and how to do what is right, and to make us people who are ourselves guided and guide others, and not people who are in error themselves and misguide others.
And I beseech You Allāh to enhance the repute of Muḥammad and Family of Muḥammad just as You enhanced the repute of Ibrāhīm and the family of Ibrāhīm, You are Praiseworthy, Exalted.