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Shaykh Muhammad bin Hādī al-Madkhalī on those who Praise Innovators
الشيخ محمد بن هادي المدخلي
The questioner says, “may Allah reward you with good: There is a person who praises the people of innovation and rejects the speech of the scholars of the Sunnah concerning them, and he also defames the scholars of the Sunnah and so on.”
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Hādī al-Madkhalī:
Whoever praises the people of innovation, without doubt, he is from the innovators; rather, he is without doubt from their callers. The people asked our Shaykh — may Allah’s Mercy be upon him — Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Azīz ibn Bāz, during the lesson of the explanation of the book Fadl al-Islām is the person who praises the people of innovation considered from them. He said, yes, there is no doubt that he is from them; rather, he is from their callers. This is available in his voice and in writing, all praise is for Allah, and there is no doubt concerning this.
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Translated by: Abu al-Hasan Malik Adam al-Akhdar